‘Those with any gay pride in themselves will be there’: The Privatisation of Brighton Pride

Pride Brighton & Hove: the corporate machine that should be ashamed of itself.

Headmaster Rituals or Barbarisms Began at Home?


‘Nothing is free nowadays’, or so we were repeatedly told at last nights public ‘consultation’ re. charging entrance fees for Brighton Pride Street Party. It was one of those familiar phrases so effortlessly employed to underpin the dominant discussions allowed by the chair. A clichéd expressed used to pacify the residents of the ‘footfall’ in which the event is now planned to take place. It was striking how little time was given to those who attend the event from outside of this site, the majority queer. We were told we’d get to speak, if we listened to countless presentations on ‘revised pride’. We listened to ‘Pride is not political’, ‘unsavoury acts/people’, ‘Hillsborough waiting to happen’, ‘homophobic attacks.’ We then listened to the questions and concerns raised by residents and shop owners, who were twice-round privileged above those who attend from outside St James’s.  It was clear that this was no consultation:…

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