Review: Bar-B-Q Shack @ Worlds End Pub, Brighton

Bar-B-Q Shack Bacon Burrito

Sometime last year (I run a tight ship, me!) I happened to post this on Twitter. To my absolute, unadulterated glee Bar-B-Q Shack picked up the Tweet and got in touch to say that they would make one for me. Yep, my very own bacon burrito; the dream! Everyone who knows me on or offline is all too aware of my obsession with all things porcine (I have pork and piggie tattoos and EVERYTHING…it’s borderline pathological, and I’m probably downplaying it a touch).

So off I popped to Worlds End with the lovely Street Diner ladies for a jolly good night, set to the backdrop of the famous pub quiz, which even I daren’t enter. I barely knew a single answer..and I’m pretty smart! I’ve always been somewhat dubious about the venue, as it always seemed to be a den of drunks (it’s a pub you silly bint, I hear you scoff!), but it’s really rather lovely inside. A large space that manages to give off cosy, Brooklyn-esque vibe, full of colourful Brighton types without pretention.

I scuttled up to the bar behind my companions (I’ve always found the Twitter-”real life” crossover rather awkward despite having previously run a Tweetup for some time) and met John, the mind, body and soul behind Bar-B-Q Shack. WHAT. A. GUY. John is the guy you WANT cooking your meaty treats. A big hunk of culinary love, he instantly endeared himself to me (though he didn’t need to try, he’d already won me over on Twitter!). He regaled us with tales of his *incredibly* colourful life and his upcoming Berlin adventure (check his Twitter for details) as well as providing insightful information about how he runs his kitchen.

And then the magic happened. In my mouth. Oh yes (stop it you filthmongers!). Soft, squidgy, salty…I said stop it! The bacon weave burrito is truly magnificent. Housing egg, potato, sausage and cheese it was a blissful match, accompanied by a trio of mouth-watering dips (guacamole, sour cream and of course, BBQ sauce). It took A LOT of willpower to take a photo before devouring it. As a bonus, John also brought out some pulled pork spring rolls. I die. Seriously. Writing this, I’m actually getting the shakes. MUST. GO. BACK. 

Bar-B-Q Shack Pulled Pork Spring Rolls

If you don’t believe me, check out this review by Jay Rayner, he’s a big fan too. And of course, head down to The World’s End and thank me later. Preferably with some Bar-B-Q Shack treats…


Driving Jarvis Ham – review

Jarvis Ham

At last, a novel (for adults) with pictures!

If you grew up in the 90s then Driving Jarvis Ham will serve as a fond, if embarrassing reminder of the gregarious luminosity of the era. Crushingly accurate in narrative, I was immediately transported back to my awkward teendom.

A memoir with a difference – Adrian Mole style but told through the eyes of Jarvis’s long-suffering best friend and accidental chauffeur, who remains nameless throughout. It’s hard not to adopt a fondness for the hapless Jarvis, although we’re constantly reminded that we should, under no circumstances, do so. As for why, well, all will be revealed…

Jim Bob’s often sardonic prose is injected with enough jocular remarks to make one chortle out loud, and while one’s never entirely settled on who the protagonist is (both characters suffer in their own ways) this is an entertaining read.

This novel won’t change your life, but it will tickle and repulse you in almost equal measure. I look forward to more musings from Jim Bob.

Thanks to Scott Pack for the book.

The Human Centipede @DukeofYorks – for Bored of Brighton

Today’s idea – The Human Centipede  @DukeofYorks

The Human Centipede

“I don’t rate his bedside manner.”The Duke of York’s cinema, a leading independent cinema, is to me, one of the venues that makes Brighton so unique. A Grade II listed building, no-one can miss the iconic black and white stocking’d legs on the roof! The Duke’s, as commonly referred to, hosts special late-night viewings of cult films – previous shows have included the Grindhouse double bill by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, and the Lord Of The Rings trilogy (though I don’t think I would’ve survived that epic event!). There’s something really special about being part of a midnight gathering, all with a shared love of the big screen.

The Human Centipede, a horror/comedy written and directed by Tom Six, is already a global cult phenomenon. The film tells the story of a German doctor who kidnaps three tourists and joins them surgically together to form a ‘human centipede’ – you get the picture. The concept of the film arose from a joke between Tom and his friends one, I can only assume, drunken night. The Human Centipede has received mixed reviews, but has received some high accolades such as Best Picture at Fantastic Fest, Austin TX and Best Movie at Screamfest LA.

Personally, I can’t wait for ‘The Human Centipede (Full Sequence)’, which is set to be released in 2011. Surely there will also be a third, it’s only right?

Location: Duke of York’s
Tickets: £6.50 / £5.50 concessions
More information: Duke of York’s

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Krater Comedy Club – for Bored of Brighton.

Today’s idea – Krater Comedy Club

Posted on August 19, 2010 by Nicole

The award-winning Krater Comedy Club has been running for over five years in Brighton now and has recently extended to Thursday nights, due to its popularity. It’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular night – the caliber of comedic talent is high, with an ever-evolving range of comics such as Nick Doody, Dan Nightingale and Jen Brister, and including Brighton’s very own Seann Walsh and Zoe Lyons. Regular MCs Paddy Lennox and Stephen Grant, comedians in their own right, certainly know how to keep an audience entertained, bringing their own engaging, individual blend of humour to each night.

Krater Comedy“THE place in Brighton to catch stand-up comedy” says The Independent.

I’m not often a laugh-out-loud kinda gal, but whenever I go to Krater I know I’m in for a rip-roaringly funny night! So grab a drink from the bar, a snack or meal from their menu, and prepare to be truly tickled!

Ticket prices range from a mere £6 to £34, dependent on concessions, meal and drinks deals, group bookings and which night you attend. For further information visit the Krater page on the Komedia Brighton site.

Catch the award winning comedy on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Cost: £8.50 or £6.50 concessions
Buy tickets for tonight here
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