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So last night, this happened.


At what point have I invited attention here? Or is it the case that I’ve got my head down, keys between my fingers in my pocket, ignoring my boyfriend’s text messages lest I become distracted and vulnerable, trying to simply get the fuck home? It doesn’t matter, because as a woman on the street – a public space and by default a male space – I’m fair game.

The narrative between my female friends and I is tedious and exhausting. ‘I’m sorry you had to go through that’, we say with almost weekly-regularity. ‘That’s shit’. ‘Are you okay?’ ‘At least you got home safe’. At least you got home safe. Like the entirely feasible and almost unsurprising alternative is not getting home safe, and if you’re aware of my back story you’ll know that actually, not getting home safe is a very real and possible…

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Petitions and political correctness (Jeremy Clarkson)

Tell the BBC not to renew violent racist Jeremy Clarkson's contract.

Tell the BBC not to renew violent racist Jeremy Clarkson’s contract.

UPDATE #3: After being contacted by The Argus on 24th March, Facebook revised the reports of the post harassing me, and removed it in its entirety… Bittersweet.

UPDATE #2: Clarkson has reportedly threatened legal action for Jimmy Savile comparisons. “The presenter is said to be seeking a retraction of remarks from the “BBC source” which claim that politicians were ignoring Clarkson’s bad behaviour in the same way that people once did with Savile.”

It’s about the cover-up & mishandling of Savile’s vile criminal behaviour and absolutely boot all to do with Clarkson himself.


UPDATE #1: I’ve even been honoured with a post dedicated to me. It appears that “Jeremy Clarkson’s Army” is a hair-obsessed clan, and one that thinks laughter can cure cancer, among other things.

Feel free to laugh along with me here.

One of the great dividers of opinion, Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame, was recently suspended for allegedly punching a producer. This suspension, which is in accordance with employment law, has caused somewhat of an outcry among the UK’s population, with a petition being launched demanding his reinstation.

In response to the petition, which as of this moment has gathered one million signatures, I set up my own, asking for him to be dismissed. I cannot fathom how the petition calling for his reinstatement has gained more traction than petitions such as those calling for the prevention of cuts to life-saving cancer drugs, which you can read all about here. I urge you to read that post.

This is not the first time Clarkson has been found to be violent – whatever your feelings towards Piers Morgan, Clarkson punched him, causing a scar. He has also been alleged (for the most part) to have made pejorative racist, homophobic, anti-workers’ rights and sexist remarks at various intervals. I do believe in freedom of speech but I do not agree that it should include hate speech. There are ways to disagree without marginalisation, bullying or incitement of hatred.

To those who started the petition and those signing – you are completely entitled to do so, and hold your opinions. I am exercising that same right. The UK government is trying to prevent a multitude of human rights granted by EU law, including our right to protest. The democracy we live in is a sham…but that’s for another blog.

Since discovering just how corrupt the BBC is, since the Jimmy Savile et al scandal, and the fact the coroporation has shown complete and utter political bias in recent months, I have found myself despairing (even more than usual) at the state of our corrupt media. Furthermore, it really does seem that entertainment is king, above all else.

My petition has thus far gathered 50,000 signatures. This may seem paltry by comparison, but it provides a little hope to me, that all is not lost. It’s not a numbers game. Thank you to everyone who has signed and shared it; your support is gratefully received. If you would like to sign, please do so here.

I will now share the tweets, email responses and private Facebook messages I have received from people who disagree with my stance. Obviously I have views on them, but they don’t require commentary – they speak for themselves. I have included all responses, not just those that are inflammatory or harassing, although there are only a handful that aren’t. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it? I have included names, real or otherwise – my identity is not secret, and I do not feel duty-bound to protect theirs. No doubt this post will open the floodgate for more abuse, but while that will not be tolerated, I welcome all opinions on this subject.

Coding Like a Girl — Medium

Coding Like a Girl — Medium.

News Feed FYI: Click-baiting

‘Those with any gay pride in themselves will be there’: The Privatisation of Brighton Pride

Pride Brighton & Hove: the corporate machine that should be ashamed of itself.

Headmaster Rituals or Barbarisms Began at Home?


‘Nothing is free nowadays’, or so we were repeatedly told at last nights public ‘consultation’ re. charging entrance fees for Brighton Pride Street Party. It was one of those familiar phrases so effortlessly employed to underpin the dominant discussions allowed by the chair. A clichéd expressed used to pacify the residents of the ‘footfall’ in which the event is now planned to take place. It was striking how little time was given to those who attend the event from outside of this site, the majority queer. We were told we’d get to speak, if we listened to countless presentations on ‘revised pride’. We listened to ‘Pride is not political’, ‘unsavoury acts/people’, ‘Hillsborough waiting to happen’, ‘homophobic attacks.’ We then listened to the questions and concerns raised by residents and shop owners, who were twice-round privileged above those who attend from outside St James’s.  It was clear that this was no consultation:…

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Street Food Awards 2014 – south-east heat June 14th @ Street Diner

A few weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming south-east heat of the British Street Food Awards 2014 at Street Diner, which, incidentally, has just recently turned one – happy birthday SD!

If you want to be part of the action you MUST attend the event on June 14th at Brighthelm Garden, Queens Road Brighton. You’ll need to download the app to cast your vote. The votes will be counted on the day so get involved – bring your mum, dad, your sisters, brothers, great-aunts and uncles – anyone with opposable thumbs and a smartphone!

This is your opportunity to be heard, people! Show your support on Facebook, Twitter and spread the word. remembering to use #BSFA in all your posts…so c’mon, what are you waiting for?!

Street Diner Street Food Awards Poster

#BSFA SE Heat 2014

Anyway, with just two weeks to go until the big event, it’s about time I let you all in on my choices…

*drum roll please*

In no particular order, my top picks are:

  • The Troll’s Pantry – in my opinion the troll is responsible for the gourmet burger trend that’s hit Brighton in the last couple of years. I wasn’t even mad keen on burgers before I tried one of his but I’m hooked for life. Sourcing local ingredients wherever possible (probably about 99.9% of the time) he creates mouthwatering concoctions such as The Shaman and along with his minions, takes enormous pride in his work, which really shows. The Troll’s Pantry also accommodates the gluten free gang, of which I’m a long-standing member, so his (much-appreciated) efforts to get more local traders onboard with Sussex Bread Company’s wares confirms his spot in my top three.
  • Toston Tolon prior to Toston Tolon’s arrival at Street Diner, I’d never heard of the Venezuelan Arepa before. Oh boy, was I in for a treat! This little maize flatbread makes a refreshing change to the (highly respectable) Mexican corn tortilla. My favourite is the pulled pork (no surprise there) piled high with black beans and plantain (a favourite fruit of mine that sends me back to my childhood, eating Ghanaian treats at my best friend’s house). Toston Tolon is a worthy contender, I think you’ll agree.
  • Little Blue Smokehouse – these guys had me at “salted chocolate bacon”… Purveyors of smoked delights, they cater to my carnivorous cravings and then some. Keep your eyes on Twitter for their under the counter treats, but shhh! Don’t tell anyone, they’re TOP SECRET! I can’t wait to get my mitts on some pork cheeks and kimchi soon.

I thought long and hard about this, and it really was tricky to whittle it down, but I take my judging role very seriously and whittle I did! In fact, I take this judging business so seriously it shows – Hammer & Tongue even picked me for a judge at their recent Fringe event with Scroobius Pip and Hollie McNish at Komedia Brighton!

But I digress.

Our lovely local traders need YOU! There’s only three things you need to do:

  1. Download the app
  2. Come to Street Diner on 14th June, Brighthelm Garden, Queens Road, Brighton
  3. VOTE!

See you there x

Street Food Awards 2014 – south-east heat June 14th @ Street Diner

Street Diner Street Food Awards Poster

Street Diner Street Food Awards Poster

As most folk know, I have a loving and enduring relationship with food. I really don’t understand those “food is a fuel” types who seemingly gain little to no pleasure from cooking or *shock horror* eating food. I mean, are you CRAZY?! Sheesh.

You probably also know that I have a soft spot for street food from around the world, especially of the meaty variety, and am a huge (if not the number one, ahem) fan of Brighton’s Street Diner, albeit I rarely have the pleasure of visiting as I work out of town. I know; life is cruel sometimes. Fortunately for me the very lovely Kate and Chris hauled ass to Sussex Uni earlier this year and I was able to devour some delights from one of my favourite (m)eateries Bar-B-Q Shack. I’d like to think the sojourn was especially for me, but I suppose students need tasty treats too, what with their regular diet of Pot Noodles and such.

*UPDATE 31st May 2014 – Street Diner is back in town every Saturday! *does celebratory dance*

Fast forward a few months to the present day and you’ll be pleased to learn that not only does Street Diner now have a weekly slot at Hove Town Hall, but those canny ladies (I use the term loosely, don’t worry you two!) have rallied the troops for entry into the British Street Food Awards!

What does this entail and how can I get involved, I hear you ask? Read on…

The entries for the southeast heat are as follows:

Olly The Chef– not only does Olly supply the hungry Brighton & Hove workers with tasty, gourmet fish fingers at Street Diner, he’s also a community chef. What a doll.

The Troll’s Pantry – the favourite supernatural burger-touting being, the troll can be sure to concoct creations to satisfy the hunger of every carnivorous mortal.

Toston Tolon – arepas aplenty from these Venezuelan Street Diner veterans, bringing a new taste explosion to the street food scene.

Ahimsa– purveyors of mystical vegetarian and vegan delights from India and beyond…

Crocus Paella! Paella!– traditional Spanish paella made with authentic Greek saffron cooked in gigantic pans that mesmerise passers-by.

Cin Cin – currently in residence at the Spiegel Garden, Cin Cin’s delicious morsels and glasses of bubbles will keep festival goers nourished this season.

Little Blue Smokehouse– from the country to the city, the little brother of Crowborough’s Blue Anchor smokes up a host of treats, including salted chocolate bacon, if you know the code word…

Likkle Bickle– home to the renowned Ribwich, this is soulful Caribbean food at its finest.

Honeycomb Cakes– tasty treats abound to satisfy the sweetest of tooths. Also known to knock up a mean bacon fudge.

Sultan’s Delights– sumptuous savoury vegetarian lunchboxes fit for a sultan (and regular folk).

One of the things I love most about Street Diner (after the food, obviously) is the sense of community it has brought – between the traders themselves (just check out their support of each other on Twitter) and across the city. ALL of these guys deserve to win, but there can be only one… So get shouting about your favourites on social media, using the hashtag #bsfa.

You can vote for your favourite on the Street Food Awards 2014 app and at the event itself on 14th June – Street Diner, Brighthelm Gardens, Queens Road, Brighton. BE THERE OR BE HUNGRY! 

Oh, did I mention I’m one of the judges for the Southeast? How I wangled that I don’t know, but DREAM COME TRUE YO! I’ll be posting up a little bit about my choices here on soon! Until then, if any of the traders entered want to bribe me with gifts of food send them to me at…just kidding, I can’t be bought! Or can I…?

Check out my slideshow from when Street Diner came to Sussex Uni for a taster:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Also try VoteMatch.

Unsurprisingly I’m most aligned with the Party I was previously tied to since I held any political views (c1992). That doesn’t mean they have my vote though! #votematch

Equal Marriage? Not really


Today I heard the news that Scotland has passed an amendment to their version of the Same Sex Marriage Bill that might finally make marriage something even approaching a possibility for me. They’re adding a gender-neutral option for wedding vows, allowing couples (regardless of their respective genders) to declare themselves “partners in marriage” rather than “husband and wife”, “wife and wife” or “husband and husband”. If England had made such an amendment, the only things preventing me from getting married on March 29th 2014 would be the more usual obstacles of not being engaged to anyone and not being able to afford a wedding.

As things currently stand, I have one additional and very large impediment preventing me from marrying and it’s one that only trans and intersex people have. It’s also a problem that has been entirely and wilfully created by successive UK governments. 

My problem is that, in…

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1200 Calories

Spot on.